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Wisdom Blake Client Testimonials:

All of the following testimonials are very unlike those of other home inspectors in that they came without us asking for them...

John was very thorough and knowledgeable. He explained everything well and identified what he thought to be fire and safety hazards per our request. He found an unusual situation regarding the fireplace chimney-wood forms left in the smoke chamber from the time it was built. He was helpful in directing us to the right professionals to properly remove the wood, and he even took the time to follow up. His report was very easy to understand, and he gives the report at the time of the inspection so that needed repairs can be identified and made quickly.
...Teresa DiPietro (10/29/08)

John Sender did two home inspections for me. Both were extremely thorough. One resulted in me not purchasing a home and the last one, with a thumbs up from John, is my new home. John will e-mail digital photos of the inspection and writes detailed commentary. He leaves nothing to chance and also provides radon testing. John is personable and easy to work with. He seems dedicated to his work. The best money spent BEFORE buying a home!
...Gladys Everhart (5/22/08)

He called me very promptly and was willing to discuss the situation on the phone, but I requested an in home inspection of the situation. He was up front and told me his fee before coming to the house. He was very professional and seemed to have a wealth of knowledge about his field.
...Julie Owen (5/14/08)

It was excellent! They responded the next day and set up an appointment. He was very knowledgeable, prompt, and professional. He was very thorough and was here for 3 hours.
...Rita Voytko (4/12/08)

He was as detailed as I have ever had-and I have moved a lot, so we have had many done. He got on the roof, and into all attic areas. He had all the electronic stuff, and perhaps the most important to me -he is an engineer, and in my case was able to point out a defect I had missed that would have been a nightmare.
...Ronald Ball (2/18/08)

I am a REALTOR and even though I am very familiar with homes, I absolutely do rely on a qualified home inspection. John did give me a discount due to the water service being turned off and limiting the inspection. John does not hold back - he will tell you if there is a true problem or just a minor maintenance issue. After John's inspections, I know that the buyer has a good understanding about the present condition of the home. John is always on time (usually there before you get there) and is very exact in the inspection process.
...Les Vyhnalek (1/30/08)

The inspection went very well, and I would highly recommend John to anyone purchasing a house. John is very detailed oriented and communicates his findings very clearly.
...Larry Stanton (7/13/07)

John is awesome -- very thorough, conscientious, meticulous -- everything you want in an inspector. He points out every little thing -- issues that he noticed that most homeowners would never care about. Like the lack of safety glass in a bathroom window that's not right next to the tub. John is great about follow-up questions and obviously cares about what he does. Not the cheapest, but he's got to be one of the absolute best.
...Teresa Murray (12/6/06)


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